Four Elements III

Signed original artwork on canvas

Pastel chalks,oil and acrylic on the sand texture,varnish.Finished with relief paints.
The artwork made in palette knife technique

Truly enormous four-part Jewish art with a rare symbols of the four elements Earth-Air-Water-Fire.
An artwork that lets you take a peek at the mysterious forces that drive Universe filling you with awe.
This extraordinary painting carries along the Jewish heritage on thick brushstrokes that blossom into a river of vivid colors

All the paintings are designed and created together on such way that one part is in harmony with other.
It means that the each painting can be showed on both ways: as a part of the overall polyptych composition (recommended) or as a completely independent artwork.
The size of the single part after stretching is 27 x 27 inches, so the whole polyptych will be 54 x 54 inches - absolutely enormous four-part artwork.
The order of the paintings from left to right and top to bottom is a following: Earth-Air-Fire-Water.

Each part might be purchased as a self-sufficient artwork, but whole composition looks much impressive and also on sale with a good discount.
If you like to purchase the single part of this composition - please contact me via this site to discuss the price.